Belo Horizonte’s Documentary and Ethnographic Film Festival,, is held annually since 1997, and aims to disseminate and discuss classic and contemporary documentary films. The idea is to form an audience interested in this genre and to map, inform and encourage recent film production through the Competitive Exhibitions, which are divided into two areas: National and International. Submissions are open until August 26th, 2014.

2.1 This year’s edition will select works for the National and/or International Competitives.
2.2 Applicants, directors or producers can submit films and videos produced in any format, on any subject and length.
2.3 The works should have been concluded in 2013 or 2014.
2.4 If the work is officially an international co-production with Brazil, the applicant should choose in which Competitive it will compete.
2.5 Each applicant, director or producer can submit up to 2 films.
2.6 For the purpose of the festival’s selection, the applicant declares having the power to subscribe to this regulation, being the sole responsible for the copyright, image rights, industrial property and software rights related to intellectual works of any nature: artistic performances, musical performance, as well as all the images included or synchronized in the movie (s), exempting the festival of any claim in this regard.
2.7 By applying to, the applicant exempts the festival of any screening fees related to the screening copies in case of the film’s selection.

3.1 Submission begins on June 03, 2014 and ends on August 26, 2014, including the online submission and shipment.
3.2 Applicants for the International Competitive should complete the online submission form and send a copy of the film by the festival’s wetransfer channel at OR by express mail to the following address: – International Competitive
Associação Filmes de Quintal
Avenida Brasil, 75/sala 06, St. Efigênia
CEP 30140-000 / Belo Horizonte – Minas Gerais – Brazil

If the warning “For Cultural Purposes Only” is not written on the envelope, the film will not be accepted by the festival’s organization due to the shipping taxes involved.

3.3 The date of shipping will be checked by the postmark on the envelope, for the purpose of the requirement listed on paragraph 3.1.
3.4 The DVD should be identified with the film’s title, length, country of origin, year of production, director(s), and e-mail address.
3.5 The organization shall not be liable for delays or damage during the shipping. It is the responsibility of the applicant to monitor the situation directly with the chosen postal service.
3.6 Each DVD should contain one film only.

4.1 All entries will undergo a preliminary selection made by the festival’s curators.
4.2 The results will be released before 31 October, 2014. In case of the film’s selection, the festival will requested a screening copy of the work in the following formats: 35mm, Blu-Ray, Quicktime digital video file .MOV, H.264, Audio in AAC (in case of films with stereo audio). In the case of films with 5.1 audio, the festival will be in touch to decide the best screening settings.
4.3 Applicants may send any promotional material along with the screening copy, such as posters, postcards, etc.
4.4 The selected films will be screened during the festival’s program.
4.5 The selection DVD copy will integrate Filmes de Quintal’s archive, and will be available for research purposes only at the Philosophy and Human Sciences Faculty of UFMG and at the Association’s office.
4.6 The submission automatically allows the screening of the submitted films at and its roaming activities within the city of Belo Horizonte, the state of Minas Gerais and in CineQuintal, events that integrate the festival’s program.
4.7 The festival’s organization will use, if necessary, frames of the films or other images available in the catalog, as well as in other printed and promotional material.
4.8 When applying to the International Competitive Exhibition, the applicant authorizes the use of the film’s trailer, if available, or a 3 min. excerpt in promotional material within the forumdoc’s website or TV programs about the festival.
4.9 For films spoken in foreign languages, a dialogue transcript in a digital file will be requested for the translation of the screening copy.
4.10 There will be no prize in money or property for the selected films.

5.1 The selection of the awarded films will be made in the course of the the festival by a jury of experts consisting of researchers, filmmakers and art or film critics.
5.2 The results will be released in the final day of the event.
5.3 Honorable mentions will be at the discretion of the jury.

6.1 The selection members are not allowed to participate in the Competitive programs, including their spouses, descendants and collaterals by blood or marriage up to the second degree.
6.2 The submission of any work involves full knowledge and acceptance of all the terms present in this regulation.
6.3 Cases not contemplated by this regulation shall be resolved by the selection members and the festival’s organization, which will manifest on the matter.

Belo Horizonte, June 03, 2014.