Rating: /10

Sinopse / Synopsis


EUA, 2007, cor, 110’

direção director dirección Shonie De La Rosa, Andee De La Rosa

fotografia cinematography Shonie De La Rosa

montagem editing montaje Shonie De La Rosa

som sound sonido Shonie De La Rosa

produção producer producción Shonie e Andee De La Rosa

contato contact contacto  



When it comes to depicting life on the Navajo Nation, Mile Post 398 captures the essence of surviving day-to-day living as the shadows of alcoholism pound at the door. From his earliest memories, Cloyd has witnessed the uglier side of life while being surrounded by alcohol abuse and domestic violence. A choice must be made, but only Cloyd holds the power to salvage what is left of his life. Mile Post 398 truly touches the heart and captivates the spirit. The film is also the first of its kind to be produced entirely on the Navajo Nation and utilize and entire Navajo cast and crew.

cine 104, 28 nov, 17h


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