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forumdoc.bh – Belo Horizonte’s Documentary and Ethnographic Film Festival – aims at showing, discussing and stimulating audiovisual production with documentary basis. Along fourteen consecutive years, forumdoc.bh has exhibited almost 3.000 movies to an estimated audience of 70.000 people. Organized by Filmes de Quintal, in partnership with Federal University of Minas Gerais, the festival is distinguished by the conscientious curatorship, whether in thematic axes or auteur retrospectives, exhibiting classical and contemporary movies with restricted access, as well as wide-ranging debates that intend to confer with film lovers, researchers, filmmakers and general audience.

Throughout its history, forumdoc.bh has exhibited a program of some of the fundamental filmmakers to documentary cinema thinking such as: Jean Rouch, Pedro Costa, John Marshall, Agnès Varda, Jean-Louis Comolli, Timothy Ash, Chantal Akerman, Zacharias Kunuk, Martin Maden, Bob Connolly, Chris Owen, Fernando Birri, Ousmane Sembéne, Abderrahmane
Sissako, Idrissa Ouedraogo, Flora Gomes, Safi Feye, Frederick Wiseman, Ed Pincus, Pierre Perrault, Michel Brault, Robert Drew, Richard Leacock, D.A Pennebaker, the Maysles brothers, Glauber Rocha, Joaquim Pedro de Andrade, Leon Hirszman, Eduardo Coutinho, Arthur Omar, Aloysio Raulino, Andrea Tonacci, Carlos Prates, Ozualdo Candeias e Eduardo Escorel, besides collective projects such as Video in the Villages (Vídeo nas Aldeias).

In order to celebrate 15 years of forumdoc.bh we have assembled an extensive and pertinent schedule, presenting films previously unreleased in Belo Horizonte and titles of acknowledged importance on worldwide cinemas, grouped under new themes and concepts, bringing a greatset of guests to comment upon them alongside the public.

The exhibit Retrospective of a Brazilian auteur will be dedicated to the filmmaker, visual artist and man of letters Fernando Coni Campos, whose 1968 film Journey to the end of the world (Uma viagem ao fim do mundo) made an impact on the cinema being made in Brazil at this time. Important to highlight, beyond its formal boldness, the release of songs that helped propel
the Tropicália artistic movement. The exhibit will bring for the first time to Belo Horizonte a group of feature and short length films from the author. A milestone on this year’s festival will be the screening of the film that remained unreleased A Man and his Cage (Um Homem e sua Jaula), made in 1969 with Paulo Gil Soares as coauthor, and prevented from release by the military government censorship. Guests: Jean-Claude Bernardet, Hernani Heffner, Patrícia Moran. The forumdoc.bh.2011’s catalog will also publish a critical fortune addressing these films with many previously unpublished texts.

Experiences resulting from workshop activities and the consolidation of a cinema made by different indigenous peoples are the focus of the Audiovisual indigenous collectives Bolivia/ Mexico exhibit, which will show the work of key projects from many countries: Chiapas Media Project/Promedios, Mexico, Centro de Información y Realización Cinematográfica, Bolivia and videos made by Mapuche people, Chile. In addition to 21 documentary and fictional titles, we will count on the presence of Ivan Sanjines and Martha Mole (Bolivia), Carlos Perez Rojas (Mexico), Vincent Carelli and Divino Tserewahu (Brazil), significant filmmakers and teachers who represent these distinct experiences. Various round tables will promote critical reflection on questions in which this cinema revolves around: self- representation, indigenous perspective, film politics, issues shared by different ethnicities and new possibilities of regard.

The exhibit/seminar The Animal and the Camera (O Animal e a Câmera) will present a selection of about 20 movies that thematize diverse forms of relationship between men and animals. The majority of the films focus on the activities of hunting and fishing as ways to mediate this cinematic relation. The exhibit will display the works of documentarists such as Robert Flaherty, John Grierson, Jean Rouch, John Marshall, Fredrick Wiseman, Arthur Omar, Andrea Tonnaci, among others. A seminar dedicated to this theme will feature influential professionals from film and anthropology, such as Tânia Lima, André Dias, Cezar Migliorin, Renato Sztutman, Takumã Kuikuro and many others, who will suggest connections with the exhibit through the presentation of lectures and round tables.

The director and film editor Eduardo Escorel will teach a workshop entitled Observational dilemmas (Dilemas de observação) between the 1st and 3rd of December, at Cine Humberto Mauro, with discussions resulting from the screening of movies by René Clair, Werner Herzog, K. Kieslowsky, excerpts from Brazilian films and texts by Jean Epstein, E.T.A.Hoffmann e Edgar Allan Poe.

The program also includes the international and national competitive shows, besides special sessions and extension activities, which include screenings in Belo Horizonte’s outskirts and countryside cities of Minas Gerais. forumdoc.bh’s 15th edition is sponsored by Petrobras’ Cultural program, CEMIG’ Cultural program and Belo Horizonte’s Municipal Culture Fund, with the support of federal and municipal cultural incentive laws, and National Culture Fund.